Club Craig - 2019-8

Latest Trends

The latest trend seems to be protein.
There are protein drinks and protein bars everywhere.
I'm not a big fan of processed goods, but some of these actually taste pretty good.


24 hour Charity event.

Kigu-san is again hosting the 24 hour charity event at Rajikon Tenngoku. I wasn't able to attend fully this year but I did manage to find some time to go out and say hello.
Good Luck Kigu-san.


Preparing for another day.

I don't mind a little bit of cooking. I've been trying to work out what I can make to eat whilst I'm on the bike. This time it is Turkish bread. I'll be trying it out tomorrow. I've already eaten half though.
Keeping it for the next day is the hardest thing. I just want to eat it all at once.


I've been lucky today

So far today I've been really lucky. Now, I might be tempting fate, but I think I'll be OK for the rest of the day too.
I, somehow, managed to miss all the rain this morning. It had been raining before I needed to commute, and it rained a lot more after I'd reached my destination.
I'd call that a win. Have a great day.


When the sky is this blue

Here's the sky outside my house this morning. To be sure,the hot weather has returned with a vengeance. It's a beautiful blue, but I guess there's always an up and a down side to most thing.
Please take care in the heat today.