Club Craig - 2015-12

One of life's little lessons

I enjoyed a fantastic day on the bike today. My friend is finally back in Japan, but only for a short time. We decided to leave a little later than usual, but it was a good choice. We rode around the Marine Pier, and then up to Naruto, through the west of Naruto and then down to Aizumi. From there, it was back to Kawauchi and then down the bypass to Starbucks. After coffee and a cookie, and some great conversation, we head our separate ways.

My friend has just built his dream bike, and to be honest, it is simply amazing. Light, strong and fast. He did a mountain of research on it and has gathered his components from many different places.

He let me take it for a spin for about 15 kilometers today and I was super impressed. I now really understand the difference and the level that some of these expensive bikes are at. I'm not saying I don't have an expensive bike, in my own way I think I got a great deal on my bike.

So yes, I loved riding it. But then something strange happened. I got back onto my own bike and.... I really appreciated just how good my own bike is. I really enjoyed both of them.

So that's my day. Enjoyment and appreciation. You really have to love the humble bike. From riding a small folding bike on Friday, to a no-holes-barred racing bike today, the bicycle is king.

No doubt about it.



I was on my bike today. It was the first time I'd ridden in about 3 weeks due to injury.

And do you know how I felt?

I felt GREAT....

It's the easiest way to feel free. It just makes you so happy.

If nothing else, cycling is the one thing I really want to do until I'm old enough to just pop off and leave. It's just the greatest way to get around.

The weather was strange, so I took my folding bike. Here she is, dirty and all.


It's beginning to look a lot like ....

Well, not quite Christmas.

For me, Christmas is hot. But here, it's supposed to be cold. The weather right now is nether.

So, I'm really not sure how to feel.

I do like Christmas, It brings back lots of fond memories of time with family and eating way too much. :)

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.......

It's hard to keep positive

When you are injured or generally unwell, it's so very hard to keep a positive outlook on life. All you being, so it feels, is sucked into this hole and sometimes It's not easy to climb back out.

Small things seem like mountains.

Mountains seem like your world is about to end.

It will pass, as most things do. But boy, when you're in the middle, it's really not fun.
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