Club Craig - 2015-7

It's early where the gains are made

Early in the morning, it's still quite nice and cool.
This morning I went for a long ride leaving home around 5am.
It was so much cooler then than at 8am. The temperature rose so quickly it was quite surprising.

Please take care, but if you get a chance, earlier is better than later.

The sun is out.

The sun is finally out, we've had bad weather for way too long.

So, out on my bike I go. Fantastic.

Awa branded water

Yesterday, while I was out riding with my children, I bought some water from a vending machine. Little did I know that it was Awa branded. I'm not sure what the reason for having this in Tokushima is though. They should be sending this water all over Japan to advertise the Awa-Dance festival.

At least, that's what I'd do.


So much anger on the roads

This morning, there was so much anger on the roads. I've never, in 12 years, experienced the sheer number of people whom have no patience nor understand how to behave on the roads.

Please, for everyone's sake, slow down and have some patience. Saying "sorry" doesn't fix everything.

It's a great time to get out and exercise

The rice is growing so fast these days.
It's a little hot, however the breeze makes it a little more comfortable.
I went riding with my son. We both had a fantastic time.
With sights like these, this is why we've chosen to live here.

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