Club Craig - 2016-1

What a week it's been.

We've had an amazing week for weather this week. With Sunday and Monday being snow days, and the other days still being cold, but not being anywhere near as much fun as the others.

I had often wondered what the best way to commute to work would be on a day with snow and, more importantly ice, would be. My wife chose to drive last Monday whilst I tried the commute by bicycle.

My wife traveled about 14 kilometers in 2 hours. I managed 26 kilometers in 1.5 hours. Looks like the bicycle wins.


Sometimes you just need to.

This was what was on display yesterday whilst I was out riding with my daughter. Magnificent!


On week and a bit

One week and a bit down on 2016 already. It's really flying by. It's been a full week of work for me but I'm not quite up to full speed yet. That will happen soon though because things are starting to pile up.

I do, however, worry about the state of humanity at the moment. I know that there is a general negative view from the news and all, but right now, it's nothing short of staggering.

I follow the cycling debate, that is happening in Australia and around the world (mainly in English speaking countries it seems) and it's really sad. There seems to be a thing that anyone's right or need to go about their day is always trumped by someone else who wants to go faster or is bigger. It just can't work that way. Patience and understanding are two things that just don't seem to exist these days.

Japan seems to have it right in the most case. But, I believe that is mainly because they had to due to the number of people and the lack of space.


Happy New Year

Happy New Year. Welcome 2016.
I'm really hoping this year is going to sort out a few things for me. I also reach a bit of an age milestone this year, so I'm really working to get that as good as it can be.

So for this year, let's keep the black side down.

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