Club Craig - 2013-7

Thank goodness for air conditioning

Today is just crazy.

It's so damn hot! During the evening we have been trying to not use air conditioning so much, but I believe it's come to a point where we do need it.

You wake up feeling like your brain has been boiling all night.

This lunch time I've left the office and walked into a wall of heat.

Please take care this summer. It's not going to be over in a hurry.

Today is...

Today is one of those days where it's very hard to stay calm and composed. It's just way too hot and humid. Just standing in my house this morning I was sweating up a storm...

Actually, a storm now would be just what the doctor ordered.

I needn't harp on the inconsistencies of the weather forecast service again, but the storms that they have forecast seem to perpetually be 3 days later... so every day they are again, 3 days later....

Makes planning things just a little difficult..

Until next time.

Remembering an old favourite.

I'm a motorsport fan. I like most, if not all, types of motorsport. But, given my place of residence there's not a lot of different forms that I am able to see. That is, of course, unless I pay big bucks for pay TV.

Now, welcome back to the internet :)

I've managed to pick up on some of the Indycar from the US in the last couple of days, and it feels good to see them again.

I've actually been to an Indycar race on the Gold Coast. They don't run there anymore.

The Indycar series also contains another of my favourite drivers. Takuma Sato. He drove for Honda in F1 a few years ago. He's a very exciting driver.

Until next time...

Time to take more care

It's hot. It's Summer. It's always been hot in Summer, but I do believe that it's getting more fierce and prolonged.

There seems to be an old addage here of not drinking enough fluid and doing extensive sporting activities during the middle of the hot days.

Where I came from, during the middle of Summer, they requested (at at school, demanded) that we do not go outside and play during the hottest parts of the day, 10am-2pm.

To be fair, the place I come from is quite a bit hotter than here, but with the humidity here, the damage can be quite similar.

I think it's time to put Gaman asside and start doing what current thinking and current science is saying is best.

Until next time...

The duty of parents.

This morning was another new experience for me.

As a parent here, there's plenty of things that I have to do that I haven't done before.

This morning was road safety. Helping the kids across the main road on their way to school.

I did the best I could. :)

Until next time...

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