Club Craig - 2016-6

Just when you think it's over

We've had 1.5 fabulous days, and now, the rain has returned. Looks like it's like this for at least another 3 days.

I woke up early on Sunday to go down to Hiwasa to take photos of Yakuooji... But it's under maintenance now and is covered with scaffolding. Oh well.

Have a great day.


Fire in the storm

Sometimes during the rainy season, we get little gems of time where the sky looks amazing. As opposed to it looking grey and dull for the rest of the time.

This was a fantastic sunset, although enhanced a little.

This morning, the clouds and mist over the mountains was also extremely nice. This was, unfortunately, impossible to get a photo of because of the amount of electrical lines that are here in Japan. Seriously over done on the electricity part.

Have a great day.


The most uncomfortable time

Yes, the most uncomfortable time of year is upon us. It's that time of year where you just wish for some relief from the humidity. It's called the rainy season but it's really the time when it doesn't rain that is the hardest to get used to. I'm not a fan.


What is interesting?

I do find the weather here interesting. There is a thinking that if you don't have anything to say, just talk about the weather and you can get by. I find that here, that's just not the case. For good and bad, the weather here throws up some very interesting conversation pieces, if nothing else, it allows us to poke fun at the weather forecasters for being completely wrong almost all of the time.

Plus, a lot of the weather is different from that which I have grown up with. A true winter, and a humid as hell summer. I love the winter, but you can keep that kind of summer.
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