Club Craig - 2013-5

Another way to have fun.

You don't always need to be going flat out to enjoy the RC hobby. As these people are showing. I love this video. I love this idea.

Well done guys...



I listen to podcasts on the way to work almost every morning. I listen to programs from many different sources in many different genres.

It started with Economics. I had a good friend turn me onto one particular podcast. It's quite interesting but it did take a little time to get into all the economics jargon that is used.

Recently I've come across a radio program that also generates a podcast. It's basically an interview program where the host interview a whole bunch of people. From authors to actors, to just people who have a story to tell.

It's really interesting. The main theme I seem to get from it is everyone seems to have a story to tell. Everyone can say something that other people can be entertained by or learn from.

Most of the time I like it because it gets my brain working. I'm asking questions of my own life and existence. I really do enjoy the mental stimulation.

Your learning never ends.

Until next time....


My bubble has burst.

I have been looking forward to a year in the future. This year was, or so I thought, the year that all my children will attend the same school. I've been thinking about this for a while.

So, whilst lying in bed this morning, for some reason or another, this idea just popped into my head. It started doing the math again and I do believe I've got it wrong.

I'm really down about it now. It looks like I was one year out on my calculation.

Oh well...

Until next time...

A new site that is about to go live.

We have developed another site for a new client.

This site is just about to go live.

Peruse at your leisure.

Until next time...


Na Na Na Na- Na- Nameko!!!

There is a crazy in Japan at the moment.

It's the Nameko craze. This little dude is everywhere.... Snacks, stationery, clothing, toys... everywhere.

Where did he come from?

Let's see how it tastes?

Until next time...

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