Club Craig - 2013-6

The start....

Yesterday was the start of what I hope is the journey back to fitness for me.

I've started a couple of things that I hope are going to work for me.

1 is a 100 push-up challenge. You start with 45 on the first day and gradually work your way up to 100 after 30 days. Resting every 3rd day.

I've also gotten back onto my bike. Just 30 klms this morning but its a start.

I have touch football this afternoon. It's going to be a full day...

But my arms are really feeling it now. A coffee cup is very heavy...

Until next time....

I seem to have a problem

This problem that I have seems to show itself in the following form.

People always seem to want to argue with me using what I am agreeing with as the basis for their argument. In short, they're agreeing with me and yet arguing with me.

I don't know why but this has happenened on more than a few occasions.

It is the weirdest thing in the world. "So you agree with me?" "No." and then they regenerate exactly what i was saying.

I've started just walking away from these types of situations. I don't need the aggrevation....

Until next time...


The theme for this week seems to be rain. This, at least, kind of feels like the rainy season should. I'm often suprised when there is an actual announcement for the beginning of the rainy season here. Usually it's a day of ran and then nothing but sunshine for a while. I'm not really big on making the kind of announcements for weather that seem to be so popular here... There's still too much forecast by feeling rather than data.

That asside, I had an interesting thought this morning. Maybe it's time to update my navigation. There's a new bridge across the Yoshino River. But, it looks like my car is either a boat or a plane. Neither of which is true.

Until next time...


Something that really works.

Coming from a different country and culture, you often (at least initally) see things that are different as somehow being wrong. Mainly because it's not the way that you do it. That feeling does fade slowly, but it's quite a hard to kick.

This is especially true when it comes to Education and the Education system. There's plenty of areas that I'd like to see some improvements... But in saying that, I'm sure if I was at home, I'd be saying the same thing.

Now, I've just found something that is completely the opposite of that feeling, and it comes from the farthest left field.

Here at elementary school during the childrens younger years, they're asked to try to ride a unicycle...

Yes, that's right. The unicycle. A vehicle that is relegated to the realm of the circus in most countries is seen as an educational tool here.

And it is FANTASTIC.

My daughter started using this at school, and has taken a real liking to it. I've seem some of the local girls with their fathers walking around on unicycles. So, I decided to buy her one. They're dirt cheap when you compare them to bicycles.

The health and development benefits of the unicycle are amazing. I can just see the inner/core muscle workout that she is getting whilst riding. It's also fantastic for the childrens sense of balance.

Plus, for some reason, when you come off, you can basically just put your foot down and the unicycle just falls away. Unlike a bicycle where you tend to get hooked and tangled.

I really wish I had've tried this when I was her age.

Unicycles get my stamp of approval!

Until next time....


I think I'm old fashioned

I seem to be finding that my ways are probably considered old fashioned. Well it certainly seems that way.

I like to think that there is a way to treat people.

However, my way doesn't seem to be the popular way with those that I see.

I'm starting to feel old. But, you are defined by your principles I guess.

Until next time...
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