Club Craig - 2016-5


I tend to look at the simpler things in life. There seems to be a trend to try and make things harder and more complicated as a way of bolstering ones ego or seeming to be more intelligent. I really don't see it that way though.

So I tend to look for simplicity and try to express myself in the simplest means possible. It takes less time, and it's more efficient I believe.

Simplicity is life. Complication leads to all sorts of other problems.

The world according to Craig. :)

I've done a few kilometers

Golden week is now over for another year. This year I've done the same as last year. Lots and lots of kilometers on my bike. I loved it!!!!
And, no problems with my bike or tyres this year.

I was also very lucky to have been given the chance to ride on 2 absolutely perfect days. Bright, sunny and with very little wind.

My first day was a 245 kilometer day (my longest, by far) from Anan to Takamatsu, and then over to Shodoshima by ferry, around Shodoshima, and then back to Anan from Tokushima. It hurt. It was a very, very long day. 9 hours of riding in total.

My second day (the next Sunday) was a trip around the outside of Awajishima. This was 153 kilometers and was quite a bit harder than Shodoshima, or so it appeared.

Both days were FANTASTIC. I love living where I do because a lot of these great places are so close. I don't think I could handle living in the city where you can't really be out and surrounded by nature within about 10 minutes on your bike.


Playing around in Tachibana

The port of Tachibana has always been a bit of a strange area for me. Some of my family comes from down there. The image of the area isn't the best, to be honest, but after going there the other morning, I have to admit that I really like the look of the place. Here's a couple of images to show what I mean. What a lovely place.

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