Club Craig - 2019-12

Feeling a little out of it

Recently I've been feeling like I'm not really being as engaged in things as I should be. I know I've been given a lot to deal with this year, but it's going to be an interesting end of the year.
I've written before, but I do not really like this time of year. So I'm interested in how it's going to go.
2020 has to be a better year. You do make your own luck though.

I always seem to feel this way

At this time of year, when the wind picks up and the humidity drops, I always seem to get a night cough really bad. I lasts a few weeks and then goes away. It used to happen in Australia as well. It's just gutted me. I feel terrible most of the time and my voice is nowhere near as strong as it should be.
But, I'm on the mend, and it's almost officially winter, the best time of year.
Have a great day.
I thought this image suited my feeling the best. It's over the Naka river early in the morning. Anan city sure is beautiful.

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