Club Craig - 2014-8

Early morning exercise.

I normally try to exercise in the evening. I have found that because I have eaten during the day, I tend to have more energy at night.

I have, however, decided to try doing exercise in the morning. So, 5:15am and I was up and getting ready.

I have a leg problem at present, so it was cycling that I was able to do.

One thing I found this morning was you don't get scenes like this at night. It was beautiful!


The SLS is no more.

I've spent some time on Saturday and Sunday practicing for next weekends race.

I used my "race" body and I think that was the mistake.
It got a crack in the wheel well, which is normal, however something fell on the body in my car. The front is now separated from the rest of the car.

Damn it. Time for another body.

Exactly one week to go.

I've been practicing again today. I'm really looking forward to the race next week.

Won't you join us?

24 Hour Race starts in one week.

It's now exactly 1 week until the 24 hour race starts.

I've just completed a new body that I'll be using for the race. I'm hoping this one will last the distance. It should be OK. The car that I'll be using for this one wont be crazy fast. I'm going to go to have fun and enjoy myself.

Crazy speed is not one of my goals. That just costs money.

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