Club Craig - 2017-5

Golden Week

I always try to do something a little crazy during Golden Week. Last week it was Shodoshima and Awajishima.

This year I had a plan to do a lot of climbing in one ride. It's usually the plan to do more than I've done before. I know at some point it's not going to be possible to go further or higher, but for now that's the plan.

Unfortunatley, my bike had a bit of a problem just before Golden Week started. I lost my climbing gears. So, distance it became.

I rode across Tokushima from east to west, and ended up in Ehime. It was quite a long day but also a good day for me to be with myself. I don't have mates crazy enough to join me for these rides.

My day ended up being 250 kilometers. The longest I've done by only 5 kilometers, but I'm pretty happy about it. The headwind on the way home certainly made it a challenge.

Then, a couple of days later, just a 100km ride along the coast to Hiwasa. I've done this ride a few times and I really do enjoy it. It's not that high in terms of actualy mountains, but you do go up and down a lot.

The photo is from that ride. It's just beautiful.

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