Club Craig - 2013-9

There's way too many

There is way too many traffic lights in Tokushima. I'm a cyclist and there is nothing that interrupts your ride more than having to stop often at traffic lights. You just get up to speed and then the next light turns red. It sends you around the bend.

I must travel to Matsushige from Anan if I am to ride to get to one part of my working life. It's a 25-28 kilometer trek depending on which way I choose. I tried to count the number of traffic lights on the way home the other day. I stopped at 65 and I was still 5klms from home.

Below is this evenings graph. Anywhere in the graph where there is a sharp deceleration is a traffic light. Either I've come to a complete stop or slowed right down to get the timing right.

I wonder if there is a place in Tokushima where we can ride for hours and not have to stop? That would be heaven.


It's hard to fault

It's hard to fault a nice Autumn day.
Loving the colour of the clouds, and I'm hoping the temperature stays this cool.

But, I fear that once the typhoon moves away, the temperature will climb again.

Until next time...


The warm weather appears to be continuing.

I always heard how Japan has 4 distinct seasons. Well, to be honest we all have 4 seasons... with Spring and Autumn being more of a transition between the heat of Summer and the cold of Winter. These inbetween transitions seem to be getting smaller and smaller.

So here we are at the end of September and it's still well over 30 degrees everyday. The only thing that is ok about this time would be that the nights are getting a little cooler.

I still need a few shirts everyday though.

I can't wait for winter. I love it.

Some pre-typhoon, Autumn preparation.

With the ending of summer, it's safe to head out into the rice fields again. The water has receded. But, the grass has overtaken everything.

So, out came the tractor.

This was my first time driving a tractor, and I really enjoyed it.

Hopefully over the next few weeks we'll be able to get the off-road track up and running again.

We've got some new ideas about the track, including an extra lane around the outside. It's going to be longer, just hoping we can pack the track down enough....

Until next time....


The mix of work and play.

It's always a good idea to find an ideal balance of both work and play in order to maintain a life that is both balanced and stress free.

I'm still working on it. There are times when some things overtake others. It's can get hectic in certain areas at certain times, but the goal is always there.

As such, we've decided to try and work a little RC into our Saturday routine. Our "weapon" of choice is the KT-8 racing kart. It's easy to carry and doesn't have many moving parts, but it's also a big challenge to drive well. (I'm still not quite there yet)

I've changed it a little from the kart that I used during the 24 hour race. I've removed the Nokonoko doll. It's now very light, and very quick!!! I'm struggling to get it working nicely but I'll stick to it.

New rear tyres have certainly helped.

Until next time...

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