Club Craig - 2016-4

DJI Phantom 3

As I've said, I've been playing a little with my Phantom. Given the time constraints I have.

I had upgraded to using carbon props. It certainly looks like if flies a little differently and is a lot quieter in the air.

Here's a picture of my phantom as well as a picture I took of one of the local areas. It wont let me go any higher so 120 meters is what I'm going to have to get used too.

Have a great day.


DJI Phantom leads to other things

I've been trying to fly my dji phantom 3 lately. I'm really liking getting it around and trying to make sure I don't crash it.

I've had fun putting it up near a waterfall and over my town.

Still, I'm thinking the next thing might be getting into FPV mini-quads ... they just look like heaps of fun.

It's all a question of money.
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