Club Craig - 2014-4

Again, the weather wins

The last couple of days has seen us with some rather "interesting" weather. Yesterday could only be described as an "all day storm." It was unbelievable.

I did, however, make sure I had time to go for a run last evening. I'd heard that if you run in the rain, you feel rather "hard core" but I must admit that feeling didn't come over me.

In fact, I felt rather odd.

It was raining and very, very windy. I had to tighten my cap to the point of pain to keep in on my head and I was not able, really, to run in a straight line because of the wind gusts.

I wont say I wont run in the rain again, but maybe with the wind as well, I might have been better off staying home and doing some floor exercises or something like that.

Anyhow, we live and learn.

Have a great day...

The power of "not" thinking.

I've found that recently I've been feeling a little more stressed than is normal. I do believe we all have an level of stress in our lives that really is out of our control. There are other factors, however, that I believe we can control.

Recently I've been going back to performing some form of meditation. I've been introduced to a sound track that basically contains the sound of rain. I believe they have put some for of trickery underneath the sound to try and calm the mind. I find that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. But I'm better for the "not" thinking time that I take.

It's 20 minutes, once a day. After just sitting there for that time. Relaxing and focusing on your breathing I'm finding it great. I come out of it feeling lighter and more ready to take on the world.

I recommend taking a little time each day to focus on your health.
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