Club Craig - 2015-3

Day 4

I'm on day 4 of a new eating routine, and I'd like to think I'm over the worst of it.
I was way too dependent on sugar, now I've gone cold-turkey.
We shall see what the weekend brings.

The weather hasn't been conducive to riding. It's way too unstable.

Hoping for some better weather soon.

Is this really required?

I buy water everyday. I drink a lot of water everyday.
I've only just noticed this image on the side of the water that I buy.

It shows the bottle has been designed in a particular way in order for someone to open it easily. They even tell you how to open it?

Have we dropped our intelligence that far that this is required? I'm sure the space this takes up on the label is quite expensive.

I do, sometimes, fear for the future. I'm hoping I'm wrong.



Today is the birthday of my daughter. We're going to do something special but that's not the point of my post.

The weather here is strange. It's been getting warmer, but we've had more rainy days than I can remember. It's also going to get really cold tomorrow and the next day. I can remember the week my daughter was born, it snowed.

Winter has finished, but things are still not quite in the swing of spring.

I'm not a fan of Spring at all.

Spring has arrived

Spring is finally here, but the pollen is also in the air.
It's a case of carrot and stick.
Carrot for running and warmth, but
Stick for the hay fever.

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