Club Craig - 2019-8

Last day of Summer

I couldn't be happier that this is the last day of summer. It's been a strange season this year with the rain and heat.
I did a climb this morning along a gravel path. It was the same climb I did last year but I was on equipment that was not suited to the task that time.
This time, it was amazing. I could complete the climb with no problems. The downhill was also a lot of fun.
Having the right tools for the right task is really important.


I seem to spend a lot of time researching weather.

As an avid cyclist, knowing what the weather is doing is a large part of what I need to do before planning a ride. I will ride in bad weather, so that's not really a problem. But it's important to know what the weather is doing so you can prepare both with the right gear and the right mental attitude. There's nothing worse than being surprised by a headwind you didn't think was coming, nor a storm.
Today, as you can see, basically the whole of main island and southern Japan is wet. I really hope this goes away by the weekend.


And just like that, it feels like Autumn

The cicada has stopped singing. The mornings are cooler. But, the humidity is still high as the wind and rain continue to hang around. Yes, Autumn seems to have started and I'm glad for it. Cannot wait for winter.

A rainy kind of day

Today it's raining too. This whole week looks like it's going to be wet. I don't mind the rain sometimes, but it does put a stop to some of the more interesting things you can do.
I'm still in awe as to the beauty of the countryside in Tokushima. Here is a photo at 1100m in Kamiyama. It was a difficult climb but very worth the effort.


Who do you believe.

I usually look at at least 2 weather apps to try and work out what the weather is going to do. To be honest, neither one of them is any good at getting it right. One app can be closer to reality today and be completely wrong next week. I just can't work it out, but neither can the weather guys either.
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