Club Craig - 2012-12

Goodbye to 2012

I haven't written on here for a few days. My family, and I included, have been downed by the norovirus.

First by youngest son came down with it, brought home from his kindergarten. I'm the closest to my kids, so I was the next to come down. I was with him in hospital for 2 days and nights before showing the symptoms. Next my middle child came down with it. So all the males in my family are not well. Not quite the way I wanted to see the new year in.

I believe that the thing that we should be afraid of the most is these kind of diseases. Forget about the chance of nuclear war or waste. Forget about the chance of war in general. I believe the first thing that is going to bring us to our knees is something like a "common" virus.

A virus, like norovirus, attacks the populations most vulnerable members, our young and elderly. This in turn has the potential to wipe out both our past and our future and also tie up the current generation trying to stem the tide.

The ease at which these viruses is spread just scares me.

So as for 2013, my first resolution and wish is that it is a year full of health. May health be brought to you and your family through the next year.

I'm also going to try and give us drinking cola. I mainly drink Coke rather than drinking water. So that is my next resolution.


It's a little cold.

I love talking about the weather. It's really quite interesting for me. At home, we had hot weather or the violent storm every now and then. But here, it changes almost every day. Hot/Cold/Windy/Rainy/Stormy etc... Love it.

And with it all, we get great sunsets like this.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to one and all.

My emotional year basically runs from Christmas to Christmas. After today, it all starts again.

I'm hoping Santa bought you all that you have been wishing for.

Now, onto our New Years Resolutions.

Have you thought about what you want to complete next year?



I found this photo whilst just idling around the internet.

One of my favourite hobbies is photography. But, this is taking it to the absolute extreme.

This man is my new hero.


2 more days

2 more days to Christmas.
I'm starting to feel it.

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