Club Craig - 2014-11

The human body

The human body is an amazing thing. 2 weeks ago I was really uncomfortable with the change in the weather. Now, I love it. No need for gloves this morning. May winter last quite some time.

It's been found!

I have finally found a bike. Now the wait for it to arrive begins.

I've been through a whole range of emotions during my time deciding which bike to get, and in the end, I got something that actually hadn't been on the radar until towards the end.

It's a good thing to test ride before you buy.

Anther fun time starts now.

A Breakfast of Champions!

I have been searching for quite some time, and I've finally found what I was looking for. Oats!

I had a hard time finding them because I was looking in the breakfast section of the supermarket and they exist with the rice additives. Oats in Rice is something that my wife says they used to have as school lunch.

Now, I'm very happy I can make porridge every morning for breakfast. It's a healthy and filling breakfast. I no longer feel the need to snack before lunch time. Which has to be a good thing.

It's also bringing back memories of my childhood winters, although they weren't as bad as the winters here. Warm breakfast is the best.

It's just a shame that the continental breakfast is so bad for you. That would be a great start to every day.... You'd just have to run a marathon to use all the calories.

Have a great day.

I think I've found another winner

As of yesterday, the search for a new bike had thrown up 9 different possibilities.

However, I spent a little time in the bike shop yesterday. What I saw there simple blew me away.

I'd seen the photo of a bike on the internet and thought "meh, not really my thing." But, when I saw that bike in person, it was a completely different feeling. The colours were more vibrant, and the shape more to my liking. The company really needs to look into the quality of the pictures that they are using on the internet, it's not doing the bike justice.

So now, I have 10 possibilities. I am more confused than ever.

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