Club Craig - 2014-12

Farewell to 2014

So, in my usual Australian way. I'm going to wish you a Happy New Year before it has actually arrived. We do that.

I'm hoping you've all had a very prosperous 2014. Lived and loved as much as you could.

And here is to the new year. May it bring you all the heath and happiness you desire.


A change of life

Well, the news of the day is my old bicycle has now been taken away. My life is now changed forever. I've used that poor old bike for well past it's designed lifetime. I've loved it, I've hated it... and it's done well by me.

But, like most things. It got worn out and needed to be replaced. It started to break too often and the fixes never quite worked for very long.

So now, I'm onto a new wave. Riding a new style and maker. It still feels sad for me however.

Thank you my old bike. You've done well by me.

Have a great day.

Just how nice is the place where we live.

This photos was taken last Sunday. It's not in Anan, unfortunately, but it is in Tokushima. This was just after sunrise at the top of Naruto Skyline. I rode up there on Sunday morning.

It's scenes like this that make it worth the hard work.


Winter starts tomorrow

Looks like tomorrow is going to be very, very cold and very, very windy.
Just as Winter should be.

Please rug up and take care.

I love this weather.
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