Club Craig - 2013-4

Habits you pick up from your parents

Being a father of young kids I'm starting to see some of the habits that I have showing up in them. Some good, of which I'm proud, and some, well, not so much.

I've spoken to friends about this before. But more along the lines of "I've become my father!"

I must admit, I have the same thoughts.

In the morning, my father always read the paper.

Now, I, every morning, read the news... but on the internet rather than the newspaper. I guess I've caught up with the times... but it's still the same thing.

Inheritance is not just genetic..... it seems.

Until next time.

This is not something you see everyday

Coming from Australia, it's scenes like this that do seem really foreign to me. But man, this would be fun.

It's a shame that Kyosho aren't the best when it comes to supply of parts, they do have some great machines.


Soccer and the Willy!

Sorry, no pictures. But I'd spent a little time outside today with my Wild Willy... Playing soccer with some school children.

Talk about laugh!!! What a blast.

This little machine is certainly working it's way into my heart.

Until next time...

Wild Willy Update 1

Shocks are done, new motor is in. And it goes great.....

Until next time.


Something new and exciting

Here's a new addition. I'm looking forward to running this with Kigu-san. As we've found out with the Inferno, having 2 or more of the same machines running together is a lot of fun. Same power, same problems :)

Until next time.

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