Club Craig - 2014-2

I think I've found something that I need.

I'm currently looking at getting into a new hobby... well not completely new, but something a little different to what I'm currently doing. I'm finding it very difficult to find information of what parts are out there and what works with what.

I've read lots of magazines and web pages but there really isn't anywhere that has it put in a way that I have found useful. I think also, because I'm trying to find information that is available in a language that is not my own, I'm also coming up short.

Rest assured, when I find what I'm looking for, I'll be spreading the word.

It's an amazing snow time.

I've tried to go to work this morning but I couldn't. It was seriously impossible. The traffic jam was just unbelievable. 3 1/2 hours to travel 9 kilometers.

In the end, I've discussed it with the powers that be and have taken a holiday and have come home.

Now what to do? hmmmm

The battery is on charge and I'm getting ready to set my RC out into the snow... FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!

Let's hope this goes well.

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