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Spring weather is really insane.

I've never been quiet on how much I dislike the Spring season. Everyone loves the Sakura, but I'm not quite as impressed. I do like the Plum blossoms more. The colour just doesn't do it for me. Plus the season is bad for hayfever, and it's getting worse.

The weather is also rather unstable. It's hot during the middle of the day, unless the wind is howling. The mornings and evenings are cold, or warm depending on the wind or rain. You can never tell what's going to happen.

I'll stop complaining about the weather, when the weather decides to do it right :)

Have a great day.

Elementary School Graduation

Congratulations to all of the student whom have or are graduating this season. It's not long now until the next school takes you in and teaches you their ways.

I'm always a little confused about some of this though. You see, there is no negative for not having passing grades. You still just march on through. How do you feel about it?

Spring is not my favourite.

I really dislike Spring.

Due to hay fever, for this entire season I feel like I'm just on the edge of being ill. I have managed to get through it with the use of medicine but I would much rather not have to do this.

This does not stop me however. I still try to get out and maintain my fitness and mental health through cycling. Hitting the mountains whenever I can.

I don't want anything to stop me, and it's not going to.


Getting lost close to home.

I've been using cycling as a way to keep my mind and mental balance. I love it. Tokushima is a great place to go cycling. You can go down major roads with very little elevation change, or into the mountains to be as hardcore as you want. It's perfect in every way.


Writing to soothe...

I've always been a computer person. Ever since University, I have been using a computer for just about everything. My handwriting is terrible! I was almost unable to read it myself, which defeats the purpose.

So I decided to start writing a journal. In pen. Daily.

At first it was quite hard. My writing wasn't good and my hands hurt. But, day by day, things have improved and I'm quite happy I started.

The plus side of writing a journal is that it allows you to write down the things that you would normally just have flowing around in your head. Good and bad things, once put down on paper, seem to become less of a problem or issue. It's an amazing side effect of this.

Do you journal?
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