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Winter has arrived with force.

It's finally here. The season I've always been waiting for, and I love it.
You do need to be careful how you dress but other than that, just get out and enjoy the cold. It's the one thing that makes you feel alive!

Snacks for the win.

I'm wondering if I should start to introduce the multitude of snacks here in Japan that work together to keep my weight higher than it should be. ha!
There are so many nice things here. I really need to practice some self control, but boy, it's not easy.

Autumn is the best

It's finally getting cooler and as such, I'm starting to feel a lot better when I go out exercising. Actually, I'm feeling better in general. I know, I've said it many times. Summer is not my time.
Anyhow, I decided to head south over the weekend and wow, do we have some beautiful scenery here in Tokushima.
I recommend if you wish to go, go local. It's much easier and just as beautiful. Go outside and enjoy this amazing season.


Anan is beautiful

As part of my hobby, I do get to see a lot more of Tokushima than most. Anan, given it's recent increase in size, has some really amazing places.

This is Gamoda No Misaki and I highly recommend going. It's the most eastern point of Shikoku island and not too far from the center of Anan city.



I haven't been able to exercise for the last few days. It's really been affecting my mood.
Today I had the chance to ride again. It's amazing how much the endorphins make you feel so much better. But, I have a feeling I'm probably addicted to exercise at this stage, and that this feeling or euphoria is possibly over pronounced?
You can't have too much of a good thing, can you?

Have a great day.
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