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Home can mean many things to many people. For some, it's where they grew up. For others it's the place where their parents reside. For me, it's where I am right now. My family live in many different places and it's hard to pin down exactly where and what. The house where I grew up is no longer owned by my family, so that's gone. My parents new house is not familiar to me. But, here I am, with my own family, living in my own home. Where's your home?

Anan City, you have some beauty

I tend to spend a lot of my riding time heading out of Anan city and into the mountains or further afield. However, we do have some amazing places within the city limits. Gamoda is no exception to this. It's a slightly hilly ride out to the cape, but boy, it's worth it.


Summer morning is the best

Getting up early in Summer and riding is the best thing you can do... I'm sold.

I took my fixed gear up to Naka-cho this morning and I loved it. It did get a little warm once the sun came out though.


It’s a necessity

Here’s what I have to do to survive the summer. This summer is rather hot and humid compared to those that have come before. Please take care!


Ahhh It's so hot.

Summer is certainly on us.
It's so damned hot during the day, and the evenings aren't much better.
The best thing you can do as an active person is get out and do your exercise in the morning. Even then, it has to be incredibly early.

Here's a shot from my morning ride this morning up Nakatsumine Mountain. Lovely spot.

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