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An ode to coffee

I tried commuting to work before eating breakfast this morning. I know this is a better way to get your body into gear, but it's a hard kick start.
I had coffee as soon as I had arrived and about 30 minutes late, my outlook on the world just suddenly changed. It was amazing.
Call me a convert, call me addicted.... Doesn't matter. Coffee is it for me....

I guess we all need our own little things to get us through the day sometimes.

A lot of learning

As this pandemic continues, I'm starting to learn things about myself and about others, the things I can change and the things I cannot change. I guess now is as good a time as ever to try and change some bad habits to good.

It's winter!!!

I seem to spend a lot of time complaining about summer and not enough time praising winter. But, it's here!!!! and I love it.
The last few days has seen some crazy kind of weather here in Tokushima and I'm hoping you weren't affected too badly. Traveling home during one of the worst storm I've seen since coming to Japan almost 20 years ago.
Hopefully, from now we can get down to enjoying the best season of the year. At least that's my opinion.
Have a great day.

Bike against a wall.

There are many theories and "rules" about how to take a picture of a bike against a wall. I'm not really that much into following these rules anyway as I love the look of a bike no matter what. Here's my commuter bike.

I'm a full time bike commuter these days. It has been interesting getting used to the fact that I just can't wake up and jump in the car to go. But I'm getting used to it. The human body is amazing at it's ability to adapt to all kinds of situations and make them feel normal.

I also get the little bit of a moral boost as to not being a little more environmentally friendly during my day to day. Every little bit counts I guess.

Have a great day.


Is there such a thing as Corona Deja-vu?

Every day seems to be the same in this current predicament we find ourselves in. I wish it were something different but each day seems to be melting into the next and not much seems to be changing.
I've been watching my memories on Facebook recently and it shows photos of a time before the pandemic, when we could get together and enjoy each others company. Doing things that we enjoyed together without the worry of what might happen a few weeks later.
I'm sure we'll get back to that kind of living at some point in the future, but it's a ways off.
Hoping you stay safe for the long haul.
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