Club Craig - 2014-6

Anan, Tokushima.... You complete me.

I do love living here.
I don't believe I could live in any of the bigger cities in Japan, nor a big city in any other part of the world for that matter.

When you can go down to the water and see this kind of scene, uncluttered with boats or buildings... It's something special.


Mornig run

I normally use Tuesday as a long run day. I have a little free time during the afternoon that I have been using to improve my fitness.

Unfortunately today I have a meeting during that time, so the only other time available to me was the morning. So my alarm went off at 5:30 and I fought my demons for about 5 minutes. I wanted to stay in bed.

But I didn't. I got up and got my run in. To tell you the truth, I feel better about it. I wonder if I could make this the start of an early morning exercise routine? I know in the summer it would certainly be more beneficial.

We shall see....

Have a great day.
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