Club Craig - 2014-3

Some days you need....

Every day poses a different challenge. In that, every day is unique. Some days, however are similar in feel to others.

Today is a day where I'm working hard to remain positive.

These days happen. These days come and go. But life, as they say goes on.

Tomorrow will be different again.

The need for community

I'm kind of new to this area of the world. I've been here for a while but I'm still not quite settled in. There are many reasons for this, I believe from both sides of the fence so to speak.

But I do really like and feel the need for a "Community Spirit." I think that's really important.

There doesn't seem to be enough communication happening around out local communities. Certainly for me a lot less than I was used too.

Now, I do feel great when I can get out and have a conversation with those who live around me without the stigma of it being something that they "must" do.

I received a package from someone I knew through my community the other day.

Looks like I'll be eating eggs for a while.

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