Club Craig - 2019-7

It's Summer. Time to treat it with some respect.

I read yesterday that last week 11 people died and more than 5000 people were sent to hospital with heat related issues. This does happen every summer.

Maybe it's time to realise that it is indeed getting hotter and more humid here. Something needs to change. Like most things, education can only go so far. It needs to be a monumental cultural shift.

So please, take care in this weather. I'm certainly wishing for an early winter. That's my preferred season.

Everyone loves something new.

I tend to collect things. When I like something, I tend to want to have all of the different types of that something. I did it with RC a few years ago, and I ended up with a lot of cars, of all different kinds.

The same seems to be happening with bikes now. I have just picked up this new gravel bike. It's a new kind of bike for me to ride and I'm loving it. The bigger tyres are something that I'm not really used too. They inspire so much confidence as they tend to roll over just about everything. The disc brakes are also a new thing for me.

I also have this feeling that with this bike, I'm not really going to need to get any others. But that can't be true because that would be very much out of character for me. Time will tell.

Have a great day.


Almost as disorientating as a house alarm.

It's so noisy outside at the moment. The Cicada are in full screaming mode. It's almost like a switch has been flicked. If you go out under the trees, your brain starts to go all funny. The noise is unbelievable.
I guess if you've got 1 week to get a life's worth of energy, then it's going to be loud!


I've been out of action.

I've been out of action for 3 months. I've missed an entire season. I'm now struggling with getting my life back into some form of normality. I know this takes time.
I'm back riding my bike now, but the weather has not been very kind. The rainy season seemed to have waited for my return.
So for now, I'm back working hard to get back the fitness that I have lost. It's a long road ahead.

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