Club Craig - 2015-9


I use my commuting time by bicycle as my exercise time. I work about 1 hour ride from home, most days. I find that using this time to ride is more beneficial to my health than sitting in the car and waiting for traffic.

I'm probably going a little too hard as I find that if I try to do too many days in a row, then I'm a lot more worn out that I really should be.

I guess it's time to look at some of the training material available and try to work out how best to use the time so I can continue to do it through the winter.

It's just another step to becoming the person I want to be. Fit, and fun :)

Have a good one.

Sometimes you just have to go.

Yesterday, I took my sons to the "Dinosaur" Park.

Now, I'd known about this park for quite some time. I'd even helped in making the web page about it (here. But, I'd never been there.

It was great. I loved the idea and the way in which it was designed is ingenious.

I'd recommend it to anyone who has an hour or so free with their kids.


Silver Week...

This years longish chain of public holidays has now come and gone. It was a good time.
We didn't really go anywhere for this time, but we did have plenty to do around home.

I had set up my days so that I could go riding in the morning, and then I would be working during the afternoon and through the night.

The pattern worked out pretty well for me. I got plenty of exercise in as well as plenty of time riding and playing with my kids. I also managed to complete a project to the point I needed during this time.

So, all up, a very successful few days.

The seaons has arrived

Sudachi Season!

I am a big fan of this little fruit. It has so many uses and tastes great. I drink it's juice every morning with water as a way to start the day.

Sudachi spells autumn the way mandarins are associated with winter here in Tokushima. Sudachi is a lime, but it's a unripe lime. They are actually yellow if they are allowed to ripen.

Normally, sudachi are quite expensive. But now, in season people are just giving them away.


Gotta love a nice looking bike

Here is my bike. I love it.
I'll ride it whenever I can. Why?
Because you feel great doing it.
Because it takes less time to get to work.
Because you are not stressed after a ride.
Because it keeps my health in check.

Bikes are great. If you have a chance, get out there an ride. It's an amazing feeling.

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