Club Craig - 2013-3

Some more RC pictures

Yesterday I picked up a bargain from RC Paradise. It was a HPI Savage XS SS. The kit was made, but the body not yet painted.

Thank you ラジコン天国徳島店

I chose the blue aluminium and a simple one colour job with some black cut out of the rear tray. I think it looks pretty good to be honest.

Anyhow, this RC is initally to be used by my son. It is super under-powered at the moment. :)

And, I get to practice my photography yet again.

Until next time....


A Beautiful Day For Buggies

Today, being a Saturday that finally has some good weather, is a great day for going outside and soaking some sun rays. It's also a great day to go out and play with your buggies.

And we did!!!

It was a HUGE amount of fun.

I think I'm managing to understand how to drive the buggy offroad without breaking so much. You still flip at times but I'm doing a little better than before.

Kigu-san and I both had our scary moments. Kigu was lucky that the rice field next door hasn't filled up with water yet, like the fields behind.

And I'm lucky my car didn't fall into a drain, which was 1m full of running water. Talk about a heart stopper...

Here's a few pictures of us in action.

Until next time...


A Completed Change Of Pace

Well, I'm sold. I really do like using Ubuntu Linux.

I've been using CentOS for the last 6 years of so, but the switch has been very painless and most things have just dropped in. I'm loving it.

Now, if only I could find a computer now that is linux ready. The local shops all sell Windows8 ready PCs and for some reason, they don't like booking from CDROM out of the box.

What is this world coming too!!!!

Until next time...


Really Starting To Enjoy This.

I realise that it is Sakura season, but I just don't want to go outside. I one of the legion of people whom suffer from hayfever. So instead, I'm going to focus on my indoor photography.

I have a plan to try and catalogue all of the Mini-z bodies that I have collected, but I'm just not sure if I want to open all the boxes. We shall see.

This evening I put aside about an hour to take some shots. I used 1 1/10 scale buggy, a mini-z F1 and an mini-z motorcycle.

Here's the results. I still have a ways to go. Need to look into my lighting but I don't want to spend too much money on this. Maybe this will do and I just need to improve my technique.

I also purchased a multi-card reader so I can now extract the photos from my Canon. Seeing as the USB function seemed to have died my life is now a lot happier.

Until next time.


A change of pace

I'm changing my flavour of linux from CentOS to Ubuntu...

I must admit, so far, I'm impressed.

Until next time...

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