Club Craig - 2015-10

A bit of a quandry

I have a little bit of a problem right now.

I want more things than I have,
I want more things and I have many responsibilities that require my attention.

But hey, if you don't want something, what really is the point. You've got to have goals.

New places, new experiences

We had a couple of friends visit Japan recently. I took my family up to Kyoto to meet them and then they decided to come back to Tokushima for a day to see where we live and what it's like.

I managed to go up to a few places I've not seen before. I really like going to Kyoto but since having children, have not really had the chance to go up as much as I would have liked.

My friends were extremely impressed with Tokushima. We do have a fantastic place here. It's only a shame that it's not marketed enough.


With weather like this....

This kind of weather just makes me smile. It's fantastic.

It's not too hot, but to be honest could be a little colder... Just because I love the cold.

The rain seems to have gone for now, so we are having some amazingly blue days.

Just lots of love coming from me.

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