Club Craig - 2020-8

Summer, when will it end?

I believe I have been suffering from Summer Heat Fatigue this week. The term 夏バテ is so much easier to use. I can't concentrate for more than a few minutes at a time. I just don't want to go outside for anything. I've driven more than I've ridden this week, which is a very strange thing for me.
I've been well hydrated as that is something I'm super careful with, but I'm still not great.
Please take care. This year has been something else. I missed the summer last year through unfortunate circumstances, so I'm probably feeling it more than i should. but it's still very, very unusual.

It's still unseasonably hot

The weather changed from wet to sweltering so quickly.
Please take care if you are outside, or even if you are not. Hydrate. Hydrate and hydrate some more.

It's also this time of year I try to head into the mountains as much as possible. It's a lot cooler up high. The only difference is this year, there are more snakes running around than I've ever seen before. Maybe due to the longer wet season?

As for now, it's Obon but there are not festivals going on. It's an odd feeling.
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