Club Craig - 2019-10

12 degrees

It was 12 degrees this morning.
I could not have been more happy with the weather.
I love this kind of weather.

Oh it's really in my head now.

I'm waiting on getting better this time. But, during this time, I'm also very much in my head.
I've not been like this for quite some time. I guess half the problem is it's really my own fault. I'm not sitting here in self loathing, but I'm really wondering what I can do to not have this happen again.
That would be the best start I guess.

Maybe now is time to change.

I've been trying to get back to where I was as quickly as possible but I have a feeling I may need to slow down some and build a base. Start looking at the long goals rather than trying to go as fast as possible.
This is what has taken my mind at present.
Have a good day.

Maybe it's all just dumb bad luck?

I'm injured again. This is the second time this year although in terms of severity, this is nowhere near the last time.
It is, however, affecting my general well-being and outlook on life. It's only been 2 days and some parts are getting better but I'm still not the happy-chappy I usually am.
Next question is, why is this happening to me? and that will be shortly followed by how can I stop this from happening again?

Here we go again.

The end of season Typhoons this year have been relentless. We have yet another one this evening and then again towards the end of the week. Enough already!

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