Club Craig

It’s a necessity

Here’s what I have to do to survive the summer. This summer is rather hot and humid compared to those that have come before. Please take care!


Ahhh It's so hot.

Summer is certainly on us.
It's so damned hot during the day, and the evenings aren't much better.
The best thing you can do as an active person is get out and do your exercise in the morning. Even then, it has to be incredibly early.

Here's a shot from my morning ride this morning up Nakatsumine Mountain. Lovely spot.


6 days of crazy

It's rained for the last 6 days straight.
It's been the strangest time, and also the most frustrating time.

Hopefully now we'll be in for some better weather.

Too much of a good thing is bad for you.

We are going through a period of rather weird period of weather here right now. We've had a rather large typhoon pass through the north of us, and we seem to be stuck inside the long tail of it.

It's bought a little rain with it, but we've had a problem with the issuing of a weather warning. I believe it was issued way too early. Schools close when weather warnings are active, so we've had no school for 4 days now.

We've had wilder weather before with nothing, but this has just become ridiculous. The use of the warning system is indeed important, but the value we place on the system comes from it's use in the appropriate situation. Of which, I don't believe this week was required.

Or, I'm just getting old and jaded. :)

There are times.....

There are times when I feel like I'm not sure what I'm doing here. But these times are rare and luckily, I do not dwell on them that much.

I guess this is a sign that I'm certainly entering my middle age. At 42, I've done a fair amount and living in a foreign country for the last 15 years has certainly been a part of that. I've noticed that you go through waves of feelings from up to down, and waves of ability with things like language. Some days you can do and say anything with ease, while other days even the simplest of greeting is quite hard on the brain.

These waves seem to get longer and the dips shorter in duration as the time goes on, but they're still there. I'm hoping to surf my way out of this one soon.