Club Craig

I'm feeling kind of lucky

I'm going through a bit of a tough time at the moment but even with that, I feel lucky because I have an activity that I can do where everything just feels right. For some people it's meditation, others enjoy entertaining or socializing. For me, it's riding. I can go out for a few hours by myself and just ride. As the road flows under me and the trees, mountains and rivers just pass me by, I really do feel like I'm whole again. My mind can process what it needs and I feel much better.

What is your calming activity?

The winter is almost over

It's been a relatively short winter here. The end of February and we're already experiencing the start of Spring. I've managed to have a great winter on the bike. Don't plenty of kilometers and hope to keep that going throughout the year. I'm struggling to come up with some meaningful goals for this year. Last year was fantastic, so it's going to be hard to top.


Life changes

I often think about how much and how quickly my children are growing and changing. Most of the time it's quite a nostalgic trip, not often than much of a happy time as you realize that you are indeed getting older and your time with your children is certainly finite.

However I had the best Father moment just 2 nights ago. It was my youngest sons' birthday and we had bought him a present that needed building. I began building it as I normally would, but then my older son jumped in and was helping me. It was such a great feeling to be building something with my son, rather than just building something for my son. Very proud Father moment.

The end of 2016

So this year is coming to a close very quickly.

It's been quite a year, plenty of things to be happy about.
But, there's always the downs to think about as well.

I think I wrote last year that I'm not really a fan of this time of year. I'm not one for reflecting on past events. I tend to dwell too much on the negative.

I guess that could be something I work on in the new year.

Thank you for your support this year, let's make next year something special.

Flying my drone over Nakagawa

With the weather not being as bad these days, I'm trying to get my drone out as much as possible. You have to take advantage of this when it presents itself.

I do love this part of the world. I was a little smokey this afternoon due to some of the local guys burning things in their rice fields, but it did present an impressive scene.