Club Craig

Sometimes I worry

I worry about the state of the world. We all seem to think we are above the generations that have come before, and yet we seem to continue making the same mistakes. Admitting you were wrong and setting a process for making it right just seems like such a problem for most, and yet, it's that admission which allows up to grow and mature.


Imagine a world where differences are celebrated.
Just imaging it.

There's 2 weeks to go

How are you going to finish your yearly goals?

There's 2 weeks to go. Have you already made it?
I've made one of my goals for this year, but have decided to up it. So now it's getting tight.

Good luck for your last spurt.

Finally some great weather.

How good is the weather we are having. Finally we are free from the weekly typhoons that we were having. The hot weather has gone, gone, gone!!!! and now it's getting cool in the mornings and evenings. I love this time of year.

It is however, a little difficult to decide what to wear when I'm riding these days however. It's cold in the morning, and warm throughout the day. Too much and I'll melt, too little and I'll freeze. It's the cyclists dilemma :).

Enjoy your Autumn.


I've done it.

This year I'd set myself a cycling goal.

300 kilometers a week, for 52 weeks.
A total of 15600 kilometers!!!!

As of today, November 1st, I'm sitting on 15601 kilometers recorded through my Garmin.... Yes!!! I've done it.

And, I still have the best part of 2 months to go.

My first extended goal is 10000 miles, or 16094 kilometers.... Onward and upward!!!!