Club Craig

How nice is the place where you live?

Being a cyclist, I tend to see more of my local area than the drivers around me. I know more of the roads, I know more of the rivers and I know more of the mountains and views.
And I must say, this area is simply stunning. I don't need to travel for hours for views like there. They're literally on my back door.


When you know what you like.

I've been trying to work on my own health, both mentally and physically, recently. I'm trying to find ways of seeing the brighter side of life and to find ways to increase my well being.
I'm surrounding myself with things that I like. Even something as simple as a minion. It's just plain fun.


Fixed gear fun

This is my "normal" commuting bike.
It's a Surly Steamroller frame that I've set up with a fixed gear drive train.
I love this bikes to bits.
Like most new things, it took me a little while to get used to riding fixed gear. However, once I'd gotten used to it, I absolutely love it.
It's something I wish more people would be able to experience.


A yearly phenomenon

For some reason, and I still have no idea why, when the weather starts to get cooler, the level of aggression from drivers increases and/or the level of safe driving ability decreases. It seems weird, but it happens every year at this time. I wish I could work it out.
Patience is a very scarce resource it appears.


12 degrees

It was 12 degrees this morning.
I could not have been more happy with the weather.
I love this kind of weather.